GPM Is Donating PPE to Native Communities in Need This Thanksgiving

Lending others a helping hand is more important than ever.

GPM PPE donationsAs the holiday season draws near, we want to give thanks to all of the health care professionals who have spent the majority of 2020 on the front lines, working tirelessly to protect our population from the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been an honor and a privilege to support so many of you in the long-term/post-acute care industry with our software solutions, the 2020 LTC Summit, and more.

Typically, we express our gratitude with a personalized holiday mailing. But in light of the public health crisis, we decided to donate these funds to those who desperately need assistance in battling the current COVID-19 surge, as well as what’s to come. As an organization, we are proud to contribute to the First Nations Development Institute’s COVID-19 Emergency Response and Resiliency Fund.

“Historically, GPM selects our charitable partners for the holiday season that align with our commitment to give back to nonprofits that care for the health and wellbeing of local Asheville residents. This year, we’ve expanded that commitment to organizations that impact overlooked Americans nationwide,” said Betti Kerrigan, GPM’s vice president of business development. “First Nations Development Institute provides valuable services and support to so many communities where our partners do business and where our employees have personal connections. This holiday season, I am proud that GPM and our employees are coming together to give a gift that will help communities who need it most.”

Why the First Nations Development Institute?

Certain communities prove more susceptible to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic than others. Native American communities easily sit at the top of this list.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, residents of Native American reservations are contracting COVID-19 at a rate 3.5 times greater than those who live in adjacent communities. What’s more, 13 percent of Native American homes lack access to safe drinking water and proper wastewater disposal, making it incredibly difficult to adhere to current sanitation guidelines. And considering that 16 percent of homes in tribal areas are also crowded with multiple generations of family members, social distancing is virtually impossible.

To make matters worse, the majority of the tourism dollars relied on by tribes to fund their public health initiatives have dried up, and tribes continue to need assistance beyond what the federal government provides.

For these reasons, we are donating a portion of our annual budget to the First Nations Development Institute, which is utilizing its existing networks to quickly distribute funds and materials to Native nonprofit organizations and tribal programs. Every penny of every donation received goes directly to supporting these communities during the pandemic. They help with personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases, continuing critical services like shelters and food banks, economic relief for Native American-owned local businesses, and so much more.

Give Thanks, Give Back

We recognize that 2020 has been a difficult year for so many people, and we’d like to remind you that you are a part of the reason we’re able to provide this vital assistance to others in need. We are immensely grateful for your continued partnership and dedication to long-term care patients and clinicians.

If you or your organization have not yet decided where to allocate charitable giving for the year, we at GPM hope you will consider supporting the First Nations Development Institute or others who are lending a hand during the COVID-19 pandemic. If we all participate in this season of giving, it’s truly amazing the kind of impact we can make on the greater good.

Want to help, too? Donate today to support Native communities.

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