GPM Founder Rod Baird Has Retired

Join us in congratulating him and learn about what’s next for us.

It is with deep appreciation and admiration that we announce the retirement of Rod Baird, the founder of GPM Corp.

Rod has had a successful career spanning 40+ years in the long-term and post-acute space and culminating with founding and overseeing GPM. His vision allowed us to launch GEHRIMED well ahead of most electronic health record systems, and his passion and insights have inspired us to innovate year after year as the challenges of operating a LTPAC practice evolve. His influence is undeniable and impressive, and we thank him for creating such a strong foundation for GPM upon which we are ready to grow.

Looking toward the future, GPM is excited to continue providing you and your practice with smart software solutions, as well as fresh insights into the ever-changing realm of patient care. From new regulations to technological innovations to the inevitable arrival of the “silver tsunami” that is the baby boomer generation reaching this next stage of care, you can expect lots of change – and to be prepared for those changes with the visionary help of GPM. With CEO Ted Van Duyn’s business acumen, COO Nate Terpstra’s operations expertise, and CMO Dr. Kenny Kubitscheck’s clinical guidance, we are well equipped to lead you into the future of LTPAC.

Ted Van Duyn, CEO

Ted Van Duyn is a software expert with more than 40 years of experience. He has spent much of his career designing, developing, and implementing large-scale database and data communication systems. Here at GPM, he is focused on identifying components of long-term care that have been largely ignored by the industry and finding ways to provide them with premium software services, ultimately tending to the entire long-term care market.

Nate Terpstra, COO

Nate Terpstra has been a part of the GPM team from the very beginning. He played a key role in developing the GEHRIMED platform that practitioners use today, as well as evolving the platform with direct feedback from participating providers. He now leads the charge in helping us determine which product updates and innovations we should pursue and prioritize to best serve the long-term care space.

Dr. Kenny Kubitscheck, CMO

Dr. Kenny Kubitscheck is a practicing general internist with extensive experience in Electronic Health Records development. He lectures at HIMSS, TEPR, e-Mobile Health Conferences, AAFP meetings, MGMS, Pri-Med, and Medical Economics where he served on the Practice Solutions Advisory Board.

As we wish Rod a fond farewell into retirement, be on the lookout for communication from GPM’s new leadership team regarding ways to make the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) work for your practice in 2020. Now that the MIPS 2020 Final Rule is set, participation is more important than ever. Stay tuned for more.