How to Prepare for Inevitable Health Care Policy Change Following the 2020 Elections

2020 elections health care policyWe all have a lot at stake in the upcoming elections for myriad reasons, but one concern that connects us all is how potential changes to health care policy will affect the realm of long-term care. These shifts will significantly impact the ways we provide care, run our businesses, and continue to evolve in this challenging care niche. Therefore, we need to be prepared for all possible outcomes.

During GPM’s virtual 2020 LTC Summit, Marc Malloy, the founder of Sevenya, walked through how November’s elections are likely to have a significant impact on the direction of health care policy in the United States. He spoke at length about the various ways the current political climate will likely influence strategic decisions made by senior leaders and what that means for long-term care professionals.

Malloy specifically addressed how the movement toward value-based care may accelerate due to political and economic factors. He also spoke to why increasing operating costs, pressure on revenue, and expectations from patients and their families will continue to intensify. Finally, he explained how the rate of change and the degree to which these changes impact business models will further challenge leaders in the industry.

Curious to hear all Malloy had to say? Access the full presentation.

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